gallery [gal′ər ē; ] often [ gal′rē]
pl. galleries [ME < OFr galerie, gallerie, long portico, gallery < ML galeria, prob. < galilaea: see GALILEE (porch)]
a) a covered walk open at one side or having the roof supported by pillars; colonnade
b) Chiefly South a veranda or porch
2. a long, narrow balcony on the outside of a building
3. a platform projecting at either quarter or around the stern of an early sailing ship
a) a platform or projecting upper floor attached to the back wall or sides of a church, theater, etc.; esp., the highest of a series of such platforms in a theater, with the cheapest seats
b) the cheapest seats in a theater
c) the people occupying these seats, sometimes regarded as exemplifying popular tastes
d) the spectators at a sporting event, legislative meeting, etc.
5. a long, narrow corridor or room
6. a place or establishment for exhibiting or dealing in artworks
7. any of the display rooms of a museum
8. a collection of paintings, statues, etc.
9. a room or establishment used as a photographer's studio, for practice in shooting at targets, etc.
10. an underground passage, as one made by an animal, or one used in mining or military engineering
11. a low railing of wood or metal around the edge of a table, shelf, etc.
galleried, gallerying
to furnish with a gallery, or balcony
play to the gallery
1. Theater to act in a manner intended to please those in the gallery
2. to try to win the approval of the public, esp. in an obvious or showy way

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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